Lock Screen Club


Hundreds of high-definition lock screens


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Lock Screen Club is an application that lets you set hundreds of different lock screens on your Android device, with all sorts of customizable widgets for the most demanding users.

What's great about Lock Screen Club isn't just its selection of several hundred high-definition lock screens waiting to be downloaded, but also that each of these screens is accessible at just the touch of a finger and can later be customized as desired.

Besides using other users' and artists' lock screens, you can also easily create your own and share them through the app for other users to download. And who knows, yours might even become Lock Screen Club's most popular screen.

What's more, in Lock Screen Club, all the screens are perfectly sorted by category, so if you are only interested in lock screens inspired by science fiction, for example, you can filter by this type.

Lock Screen Club is an excellent tool to help you give a special personalized touch to your Android device.

Requires Android 4.0 or higher

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